Forthcoming Soon: THE CLASS

by John Lawrence

An atypical edition of DOMEocracy today to announce that I’ve reached an agreement with Johns Hopkins University Press to publish my book on the House Class of 1974 and the dramatic impacts, and unintended consequences, of congressional reform.

As many DOMEocracy readers know, this historical study has been a major project over the past 3 years, and has involved interviews with over 40 members of the Class and others who worked in, reported on, and were involved with the House of Representatives during the crucial 94th Congress.  Thanks to their sharing with me unique recollections and insights into the reform efforts of the 1970s, THE CLASS contains substantial material never before included in any account of this crucial era of House history.

I have completed a draft of the book, but now will be editing it for presentation to JHUP by the end of the year.  There will still be inevitable editing and production time, but with any luck,  THE CLASS will be published next year.  I will keep you informed of progress, but wanted to share the good news with readers of DOMEocracy, and to thank you for your allowing me to use this blog to hone my research and writing skills over these past 3 years.